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 Founder & Lead Doula  

 Certified Full Circle Doula, Peer Lactation Counselor, Placenta Specialist, and Trauma Informed Professional.

Cynthia Garcia

I have a passion for helping others find their voice and reclaiming their power, especially in their birth spaces. I am a mom of four, with kids ranging two to seven of age. My own experiences with my births are what piqued my interest into the path of a birth professional. Before that, my passion was cooking, and I went to school for culinary arts. Now, I combine both passions to help families prepare for labor and postpartum recovery. I have personally experienced a cesarean section, two hospital VBACs, a home birth (HBAC), and pregnancy losses. I wanted to bring my own experiences into helping others on their own journeys. As someone who has been through trauma of birth, childhood and sexual abuse, I make it my mission to advocate and help birthing survivors, through any trauma or fears that they feel will affect their birth. I continue to learn and educate myself in any way that will best support families looking for support through the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods. I am currently taking a midwifery course, and training as a student midwife. 

When I am not helping families, I like to spend time with my family and take some time for spiritual care. One of my favorite ways to relax and refresh from a hard week, is taking a day for myself and read/write with a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate, and creating new recipes. 

Training and Certification Include:

A word from the founder:

Hi families! Congratulations on such an exciting new adventure. I wanted to take a few minutes to give my thanks for considering Treasured Art of Birth, for your journey! I created this agency to have a safe place to get all your birth support needs. I have hand selected my team, whom I believe will be a great addition to this agency, to serve families with compassion, kindness, and respect for this sacred time in your life. We are dedicated to making this experience a memorable one. Please reach out for any questions or to schedule a consultation with us! 

With much love and gratitude,

Cynthia Garcia

The Team

Hector Garcia - Trauma Healing Meditation Guide and Partner Guide

I am a devoted husband to a doula/student midwife/entrepreneur and wonderful stay at home dad of 4. When I am not being husband or dad of the year, I utilize my free time to guide dad's/partners on what to expect and how to help during labor from the male perspective. As a supportive partner I have experienced a c section, 2 hospital vbacs and a home birth by my wife's side. I am also a meditation guide who specializes in not only helping others heal from their emotional and mental traumas, but helping pregnant individuals through their fears of pain during birth (similar to hypnobirthing) 

Chyna Roberts-Doula

As a mother of four, I was blessed with the opportunity to birth my children naturally and noticed immediately the lack of positive support and knowledge I had to get through it. I took that and used it to assist my family and friends with their birth and postpartum plans. Being able to help them see how far they could go with positivity and support led me to the decision to make this a full-time career and help as many families as I can. I believe every family deserves to have their voices heard and be able to speak up on what they feel is in the best interest of their families." 

Sally Cote - Doula

Hi! I am Sally, I started working with children at age 10! I knew that young, I wanted to work with families. I started working with teen moms at age 14, with postpartum care. During this time, I was also babysitting and working in classrooms for kids with autism, as an aid. It was around this time, I started doing energy healing work, and studying holistic and herbal health. This continued for much of my life, before I was 30 I had my own daycare, preschool, and parent education business. This, all while working with new parents in postpartum, and through pregnancy. In 2018, I left work to take care of my family, and in 2019 I decided to focus more on parent education and doula work, and went for my official certifications. In 2020, I was working as a birth doula for the first time, while continuing my initial passion, as a postpartum doula. I now work with families, supporting them through fertility, pregnancy, birth, lactation, and beyond. I still provide parent education and coaching to growing families.

Alyssa Ross-Doula

As a little girl, I remember always wanting to be around babies, wanting to help people and as I grew older that passion turned into a drive to become some sort of labor and delivery help. I went to school to become a certified medical assistant, specializing in pediatrics for 7 years. I decided the medical field was not what it cracked out to be, in regards to a respectful environment. I had 2 beautiful girls, with my 2nd birth with my doula + husband by my side & I am passionate about providing this exact holistic and loving experience to my clients. 

Sagal Aden - Doula

Hello, I'm Sagal Aden. 

I am currently working towards getting a degree as a practicing midwife. I work as a postpartum and birth doula. I feel that a doula's responsibility is to contribute without interfering and to offer each family tailored care as they make their way through the early stages of motherhood. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to supporting families, in my opinion. My goal is to troubleshoot, help families gain the confidence they need through both birth and postpartum, normalize unsettling situations, and assist new parents in starting out strong.

Hayley Blodgett - Doula

I have been working with families and children for 15 years. First as a gymnastics instructor, then as a nanny specializing in infants and toddlers, and now as a birth and postpartum doula. I became a doula because of my passion for birth and supporting others. My goal as a doula is to reduce fear and anxiety surrounding birth and postpartum, and improve the birthing experience through physical and emotional support. I want to empower birthing people through trauma informed care and really tuning into their needs. I will encourage my clients to advocate for themselves and personally be that voice when they need someone else to speak up. I hope to make my clients feel comfortable, confident and informed by providing specialized care, education, and referrals. 

Heather Lapierre - Doula

I am a certified labor, birth and postpartum doula and I absolutely love what I do! I am passionate about supporting families in the ways that are just right for them and honoring their personal preferences and choices. It is my hope to ensure that my clients feel seen, safe and confident as they embark on the journey of parenthood. 


I have a natural ability to remain calm in stressful situations and am a strong support for my clients when they may feel vulnerable or overwhelmed. With my experience, I arrive equipped to provide both evidence-based information and heart-centered support. 


I have over 300 hours of yoga teacher training, am a culinary arts graduate with a focus on holistic nutrition and am a longtime reiki practitioner at the “master” level. I weave these modalities into my doula practice whenever appropriate or desired to support my clients, always adjusting to the needs of the moment.  


No other experience in my life has been as transformative as my own transition into motherhood and I am always deeply honored to be part of another family's unfolding story.

Katie Saunders - Doula

Hello! My name is Katie and I am a wife and mom of three. I have been around babies and kids of all ages my whole life and started babysitting at a young age. By the time I was 17, I had the opportunity to be in the delivery room of multiple family members as they brought their own babies into this world. It wasn’t until after having my 3rd baby, by unplanned c-section, that I realized how badly I wanted to support families through this process that can be so unpredictable. I have a passion for supporting women and their partner by bringing a sense of peace through the labor and delivery process and helping them to voice their desires for the birth they want and planned throughout pregnancy. What’s amazing to me is how I have been able to relate in some way to every one of my clients through my own experiences in giving birth. And with every client’s birth, I learn something new that I can apply to the next one.

When I’m not helping families prepare for birth, or supporting a mom and dad during delivery, I’m tutoring students in Math and Reading, taking my kids to different sporting events, or glamping and spending time outdoors with my family. As much as I love time with my own family, I’m always excited to get to know new families and am so grateful to every one that chooses me to be their Doula during this special time in their lives.

Olivia Sealey - Doula

Hi! I’m Olivia. I am a birth and postpartum doula. I have been drawn to birth work ever since I can remember and I absolutely love what I do. I feel the most fulfilled when I can guide and nurture and I would love to help you through this transition in your life! As a Doula, I am committed to protecting and validating your experience. With a long history of nannying, I feel very comfortable in the caretaker role. When I'm not working, I love to practice yoga, meditate, hike with my dog, and spend time with my friends, family, and partner. My loved ones describe me as compassionate, spiritually grounded, humorous, friendly and outgoing. I have deep values around connection, empowerment, am passionate about equality/justice and value diversity. I am so excited for you and can't wait to watch you transform as you go through this amazing, powerful, and empowering experience! 

Sage Kissiah-Grove - Doula

Hi! My name is Sage, and I've been providing full spectrum reproductive support since 2006 when a friend asked me to support his girlfriend in her first birth. As a person who falls into several spaces of marginalization - queer, nonbinary, black, fat, and neurodivergent - I'm particularly passionate in decolonizing birth, and helping folks find and recapture their power. I hold a deep belief that birth is sacred; a gift from our ancestors deserving of care, respect and honor and I love helping pregnant folks learn more about what  that means for them. While I may be "the birth professional", I do not believe that makes me an expert in my client's needs or their body, and value the collaborative learning experience. The reproductive journey changes from person to person, and the opportunity to learn how to best care and support each client and family is a blessing. 

When I'm not birth nerding, you can find me tending to my menagerie of plants (gardens, mini greenhouses, you name it and chances are I at least have a cutting of it) or just vibing at home with my partners and my two kids, where we spend any number of hours gaming, hanging out and enjoying this space we've created together. 

Robin Sanderson - Doula

Hello! I'm Robin and I'm a Postpartum Doula. But that's just the professional side. I'm also a wild child's mama, a lucky wife with an amazing partner, a collector of unique hobbies (ask me sometime!), and a lifelong learner.

When my daughter arrived in July 2021, I realized firsthand how much support new parents crave. Battling postpartum anxiety without family nearby was tough, and COVID isolation only made it worse. Then came Sarah, our incredible postpartum doula. Patient, calm, and armed with evidence-based information, she was always there to answer our questions. She made that transition into motherhood so much smoother. But something else shifted within me during that time. A passion ignited to walk alongside birthing people as they embarked on their motherhood journey.

My background as a classroom educator translates perfectly into doula work. Coaching parents, fostering community, actively listening – these are all skills that nurture not just tiny humans, but mental well-being too. That's why I'm here: to support YOU in those precious early days, weeks, and months. I bring patience, understanding, and a calming presence to every family I work with. My ultimate goal is to equip you with the tools and confidence to tackle any parenting challenges that come your way, feeling empowered and supported at every step of the journey. 

Marlo Knight - Doula

Hi! I’m Marlo. I’m a wife, mother, and a grandma. I’m also a postpartum doula. I’ve always had a love for babies and tiny humans. After the birth of my first child I became intensely interested in all things birth and baby related. Now that my girls have all grown up I have the time to invest in helping new families adapt to life with their new baby or babies. I love to connect with people and I feel honored to be invited into the homes of the families I work with as they navigate the very magical and sleep deprived first weeks of their baby’s life. As a mother and grandmother I bring years of experience in caring for and nurturing others. What this looks like depends on YOU and the specific needs of your family on any given day. Perhaps it looks like me snuggling your babe while you nap or shower or connect with your significant other or older children. Maybe it looks like preparing a delicious and healthy meal for you and your family. Or maybe it looks like having a nonjudgmental listening ear. Maybe it doesn’t look like any of those things. I like to be flexible in my approach and bring a peaceful and calm presence into your space. My goal as your postpartum doula is to help your family, especially the new mother, to transition into your new family dynamic without fear or self doubt. I will do this by facilitating the sharing of evidence based information and providing resources and options when needed so that you can draw your own conclusions and make confident, empowered decisions that work for your family. I am committed to supporting you in those decisions. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I have been married since 2003. I have 3 daughters and 2 stepdaughters and one grandson. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, wine tasting, and afternoon naps with my cat. I am so looking forward to getting acquainted with you! 

Nazma Noray - Doula

Hello! My name is Nazma. I am a trained birth and postpartum doula currently working towards certification. I also have a background in psychology and a recent Master of Public Health degree. My journey in public health has led me to focus on reproductive and birth justice. I've spent considerable time in reproductive health education and community outreach serving as a peer educator. As I expanded in my expertise, I absolutely fell in love with birth work and education which ultimately led me down the path of being a doula. 

I deeply understand the importance of cultural competency, inclusivity, and equity in the birth and postpartum space. This translates directly to my work as a doula, where my goal is to ensure all expectant parents and birthing individuals, regardless of background, feel empowered, informed, and fully supported throughout their journey. I prioritize collaborative and client-centered care. This means honoring client desires, concerns, autonomy, and right to self-determination. People that know me would describe me as empathetic, compassionate, affirming, friendly, and outgoing. 

Guiding families through this transformative time is a passion of mine. I'm here to advocate for positive pregnancy, birthing and postpartum experiences, creating a nurturing and supportive environment for everyone. 

Adriana Gonzalez - Doula

Before anything else, I am deeply Spirit and intuitive-led. But as a life student I can always provide high level research and experience to back it up. My work is infused with tools and resources gained both professionally and from my own personal healing journey. I lean toward more holistic and natural approaches toward all things where welcomed; I also support personal choice and modern medicine.

My passion is love which to me, entails of many things: self-care, authenticity, connection, balance, play. Being a positive stakeholder in our community is imperative to me. As a Birth Keeper, my intention is to keep birth sacred and help eliminate preventable, excess mortality rates (esp. of Black & Indigenous women). I serve all who are a right and perfect match regardless of culture, ethnicity, age, etc. + I am especially focused on those who are BIPOC. I see birth as creation or the work of transformation, and everyone deserves to feel fully supported in their own body especially during such a profound time. I believe in every individual's personal power, and I partner with folks to help reclaim theirs, whatever that means for them. From coloring exercises to writing prompts to open discussions and exploration of myths + fears + desires; I try to keep things simple, fun, and tailored to the needs of each individual. To have awareness of one's own birth rights to safety, comfort, and choice, can be liberating for generations to come. I want for families what they want for themselves, and I hope that somewhere in the midst of partnering up with me, they have an empowering experience.

Outside of birth work, I'm mothering my toddler, taking care of our home, moving my body, being a plant "foodie," curating play dates, and occasionally focusing the other sides of my business (whole food nutrients, aeroponic gardens, wellness coaching, streetwear) at community events.

Autumn Burdeau - Doula

I am a devoted mother, spouse, and birth doula. My dedication to the field of birth support and education finds its roots in the appreciation for the transformative power of childbirth. After experiencing a challenging birth with my son, I made the decision to transition from a career in Aviation to join the birthwork community, driven by my desire to make a positive impact.Recognizing the immense impact it has on individuals and families, I am passionate to guide and empower expectant parents through this pivotal journey. My goal is to enhance birthing experiences and promote informed decision-making. Each step of my career is driven by a genuine desire to ensure that every birthing individual feels supported, informed, and empowered throughout their unique childbirth journey.

Tatum Knight - Doula

From the time I could walk I was always drawn to babies. I took good care of my baby dolls and always asked moms if I could hold their baby. My love for babies, moms, and kids never left me. My love for them just grew. By the age of 10 I was the on call neighborhood babysitter! As I grew older I started looking for careers revolving around mothers and children. When I stumbled across Doula work I was intrigued. The more I looked into it and studied the more passionate I got about this field of work. My drive is to make sure the mother’s voice is heard, the mother and baby are taken care of, and that everyone’s needs are met.

Outside of work you can find me anywhere exploring outside! I love everything nature and pink. I’m a goofy, bubbly, outgoing, and down to earth person once you get to know me, although I can be shy at first. 

Lauryn Bell - Doula

Lauryn aka Doula Lo is holistic full spectrum doula, midwife birth assistant, herbalist, placenta specialist. Now relocated to Washington State from Michigan but frequently traveling the US to do community doula work in black maternal health. Lauryn graduated with her bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation and pursued her career as behavior health therapist for kids diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She currently mentors' teens and adults pursing doula and academic mentoring for BIPOC middle school youth. Her multi-faceted creativity intertwines with her activism work centered through yoga, doula support and her traditional practice of Hoodoo. She is a major health and wellness advocate and lives to curate spaces for the BIPOC/LGBTQIA+ community to come together and heal. She specializes in palm reading, root work, yoga-asana (kids, teens, perinatal), meditation, and sound bowl therapy, herbal preparations.