Parent Classes

Couple/Individual Education Classes

Childbirth Prep Education- $450

This class takes you from the first trimester, through the first few weeks of yours and your new baby's life postpartum. It covers, not only the physiological side of birth, but also the mental and emotional aspects of birth.

Discover labor and breathing techniques, and how to use them with birth positions. Learn the differences between hospital, birth center, and home births, and see which one might fit your needs best. We will discuss medications & interventions, and risks pertaining to each.

We will discuss informed choices in the birthplace, which includes looking at any previous births, any potential past trauma, and how that can manifest during labor, birthing, and postpartum. We will discuss baby blues, postpartum depression and anxiety, and when you should talk to your provider.

Briefly covers: Lactation, newborn care, & older sibling adjustments

*Price is for you and one support person*

Fundamentals of Fertility-$150

Whether you are just beginning your conception journey or have been trying for a while, We provide a solid foundation of information to help you understand the necessary conditions for conception. We will discuss what factors can hinder your experience as well as what can be beneficial to your journey.

There is so much great information in our monthly two-and-a-half-hour fertility basic class, such as:

  • Cycle tracking options and tutorials

  • Healthy cycle overview

  • Preparing the body for conception and pregnancy

  • common cycle issues

  • and so much more!

We have limited spots available per month, so register for yours today using the link below!

*Price is for you and one support person*

Newborn Care Education

Coming Soon

Lactation Informative Class

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