At Treasured Art of Birth we believe everyone should have access to the much needed support that is so beneficial during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Financial struggles occur to us all and that is why we offer payment plans to ensure you and your family can still receive the help you deserve.

We serve all communities and everyone deserves compassionate care during this journey!

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Birth Support


  • Birth Support Doulas are dedicated to your and your family as much as you need. During this time, your doula will meet with you prenatally 2-3 times to go over any and all birth needs, prep for birth and will work in conjunction with you on a birth plan. Your doula will then be on-call at 37 weeks up until your baby is born. There will be 2 postpartum check in visits during your postpartum recovery, ensure you are feeling well emotionally and physically, and to help with any feeding questions you may have with your newborn.

*We offer payment plans if needed*

Postpartum Support

Daytime-$45/hr. Overnight - $65/hr.

  • A Postpartum Doula could make all the difference in your transition from childbirth to getting back into your regular routine with a newborn. Postpartum doulas can offer guidance and knowledge on how to help new parents and siblings to adjust to a new baby, help instill new routines, and take the weight of household tasks that can accumulate throughout your postpartum period. Your doula can also help with lactation and feeding support, emotional support, and educational support during your recovery period and allow you time to rest and reset.

*Daytime-a minimum of 10 hours is required to book*

*Overnight - A minimum of 12 hours is required to book*

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Lactation Support

$75/per session

  • We have a team of Certified Peer Lactation Counselors who can help with latching, bottle feeding, or any other feeding issues. If your needs lie anywhere outside of our expertise, we have a list of providers we will happily refer you to so that you and your baby have access to the most information and guidance possible. Having access to support for lactation can make all the difference in your breastfeeding journey. Each session we offer is up to an hour long of 100% dedicated support.

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Birth Pool Rental


  • We offer full-service birth pool rentals. There are many benefits of having a water birth labor and delivery. Many home birth clients seek out this option for a wide variety of reasons, and we aim to accommodate towards all birthing options.

We will set up the pool for you at the time of early labor, and drain/clean up within 3 hours, after birth. You don't have to worry about anything when it comes to the pool rental, we will handle it all for you! If you have any questions regarding water births, please reach out as we have doulas with firsthand experiences from their own births, or firsthand experiences assisting in water births.

Full-service rentals include:

  • pool liner

  • floor liner

  • thermometer

  • debris net

  • equipment needed to fill and drain pool

Placenta Encapsulation

Starting at $300

Placenta encapsulation can be found dated back as far as the early 1900's. Various benefits have been found with placenta encapsulation, which include but are not limited to:

  • Balancing hormones

  • Speed up recovery after labor

  • Increase energy levels

  • Replenishes depleted iron

  • and much more....

If consumption is not your cup of tea, we can prep your placenta for burial, so you can still honor such a sacred part of you and baby.

This price is for your choice of:

  • Capsules

  • Chocolates

  • Placenta burial prep

*Price includes your choice of preparation method, 1 placenta salve, 1 placenta print and 1 umbilical cord keepsake.*

Meal Prep Services

Starting at $180

Having meals prepped before a new baby arrives can make a huge difference for the postpartum recovery period. We have a team of talented doulas, who also have a passion for food. We offer family size and individual size meals to ease you all back into a regular routine while still prioritizing maximum time for mom and baby to rest.

The starting price includes 5 hours of prep time, plus the menu planning session. $25/hr. will be added for any extra time needed, outside of the original first 5 hours of prep time.

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*Cost of ingredients is not included, and will be calculated during the planning process.*

Holistic Fertility Support

Package #1


(1) 90 minute planning session to make a plan for your fertility journey, go over your fertility and health history, and help with an herbal and nutrition plan to enhance your fertility.

(1) 90 minute fertility session which includes, (1) Yoni Steam, (1) Fundal Massage with castor oil, (1) Nutritional meal and (1) brewed tea prepped by your fertility doula, and a 30-day supply of customized herbal tea mix geared towards your fertility needs.

Package #2

$950 (3 months of support)

Unlimited access to your fertility doula for the 3 months of support.

(1) 90 minute planning session to go over your fertility and health history, 1 on 1 fertility planning class with included personalized informational material, a nutrition plan and lifestyle change recommendations that can benefit you through this fertility process.

(1) Yoni Steam with herbs included.

(1 every 3 months is the recommendation)

(3) Personalized Fertility Sessions (1 per month) which each include:

(1) Fundal Massage with castor oil, (1) Nutritional meal and brewed tea prepped by your fertility doula and 90-day supply of herbal tea mix, personalized to your fertility needs.

Other Services

Trauma & Emotional Healing through Guided Meditation

$150 per session

Through these guided meditation sessions, you will have the opportunity to work through any fears or concerns you may have when it comes to the birth of your new baby. If you have any previous trauma and you feel that it may affect your labor/birth, this would be a great resource to help you prepare spiritually, mentally, and emotionally before birth!

Schedule a 30 min consult for more info!

Partner Guidance Chat

$75/ 1 hour session

This session is for the partners!

During our Partner Guidance Chat Sessions, you will have a chance to ask questions and get information on how to help your partner through labor, from a partner's perspective. We have two male professionals who can offer their expertise and experience from the partner's perspective. This partner chat is geared towards easing your partners anxiety or overwhelming feelings that may arise when welcoming a new baby into both of your lives, and teaching them various methods that they can utilize to support you as efficiently as possible during birth and through the vital periods of your postpartum recovery.